Adult classes focus on a combination of  audition technique and scene work from current film and T.V. Each student performs every class. One week each month is filmed like an actual audition. The class will also focus on the promotion aspects of the business such as head shots, workshops, and representation.


Joshua also works with adults and young actors via Skype and Face Time.  Many clients have booked roles from places like Texas, Ohio, and Georgia through working with Joshua in private online tutorials.  Material is the same used in his Los Angeles classes.  He works through the scenes face to face onilne with each actor, allowing actors all over the U.S. to get top notch training.

Audition Taping


Classes For Kids/Teens

Online Classes

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Actors are taught to understand both tone and genre. Once a month each young actor is put on tape, so they can watch back their own auditions.  Every parent and young actor should realize nothing is more important than consistency at the start of an actor's career. The kids and teen classes provide this.

There is not any one type of "style" or "method" taught here. I use several different approaches to attack the material, and some styles are better suited than others, depending on the project or role.

I also focus on the business and marketing side of the industry, and how to best promote yourself. This is an aspect of the business that many actors underestimate. Understanding who you are as an actor and what you in particular are "selling" is a critical part of the process.



These days more and more casting offices are requesting self tapes in lieu of holding casting sessions. It can be hard to produce a professional self-tape all on your own.  Here at our studio we have all the equipment necessary to film your self-tapes in a professional setting. We provide a reader and use Kino Flo professional lighting and a Canon digital camera to fulfill all your self-taping needs!

Private Coaching


If you'd like to give your self-tape or audition a little extra oomph, private coaching may be just what you need. Joshua will help you ensure that your audition is the best is can be, providing advice and assistance with everything from blocking and tone to hair and wardrobe. This coaching can happen in person at Joshua Lebar studios, or online via Skype or Facetime.


For more information about our classes, clients, prices, and policies, check out our twitter page or give us a call!

Working Actors

Classes for Adults