Mondays and Tuesdays from 6 pm-7 pm


​​$250 a month for Youth Advanced. Full payment is due at the first class each month​

Ransford Doherty

Joshua's adult classes work on the three most important aspects of the business: auditioning, scene work, and marketing. The main focus is a combination of audition technique and scene work from current film and TV. Auditioning is a skill in itself, and one that many talented actors never master. Adult classes teach the skills needed for both booking and shooting the job, which are two very different things.  Classes are capped at 15 actors, and each student performs every class.

​The first week of every month is a "pre-read" with Joshua, utilizing sides from projects currently casting. The second week of each month is an "on-camera producer session." Each student will audition one at a time on camera. The entire class watches the playback of the producer sessions and Joshua critiques the auditions live. The third and fourth week each month are "on set" weeks. Actors prepare their sides as if they have the job, and will work across another actor instead of casting director. One audition week we will focus on single or multi-camera comedy and the following week we will work on one hour dramas. The second two weeks are focused on the actor's relationship in the scene with the other actor, and also their ability to take direction while shooting a scene.

The class will also cover all essential aspects of marketing and the business side of the industry.​ ​There is a focus on promotional issues such as headshots, workshops, and representation.

​​​​​​​​Joshua teaches classes to both kids and teens.  His classes have actors from the age range of  10 - 17 in his youth classes. He teaches his youth actors using the same process and format he uses to teach his adult actors. His classes are for young actors who want to approach their auditions like a professional.  He requires his actors to prepare their material every class. There are many programs in town where the instructors or coaches are not specific or critical with their young actors.  They praise the work, regardless of what the work is.  Joshua is not one of these instructors. He comes from a sports background and believes that praise is dependent on the work put in. Joshua is supportive and constructive, but also expects the young actors to apply themselves.

All of his teen and youth classes require a commitment from the young actor to be consistent. Changing coaches and processes every few months  is a great way to confuse a young actor. True progress is made when it is built month after month with the same process.  Young actors have incredible developing minds and the ability to process and store information, maybe even better than adults. This class will challenge young actors to utilize and execute the process every week they are enrolled. Joshua teaches his young actors the difference between genres and how to adjust tone.  He gives the students a way to approach the material every time they get an audition, and how to book the job.

Every young actor works every class, no exceptions.  Once a month the actors will have a taped audition or "producer session" and watch the playback of their performance at the end of class. The youth classes also covers audition and on-set etiquette. Joshua has worked with thousands of young actors and several of his clients are series regulars on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.  He works with students just starting their acting journey and actors who have been working for 20 years. 

Online Classes

Joshua knows that for many actors who don't live in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, or Toronto, it can be difficult to find quality classes led by coaches with as much film and television experience as Josh has.  As such, Joshua provides services for people who don't live in Los Angeles.  In fact, many of his clients live elsewhere and have booked roles from places like Texas, Ohio, and Georgia through working with Joshua in private tutorials online.  He has been working with both adults and young actors via Skype and Facetime for the last five years.  Material is sent out from the classes he teaches here in Los Angeles, and he works through the scenes with each actor face-to-face online.  Skype and Facetime provide a way to bridge the distance and get Joshua's process of approaching material to adult and young actors, wherever they may be.

Amy Gumenick

Ransford Doherty is a native of Washington, DC.  He first got bitten by the acting bug when he attended C.D. Hylton High School in Dale City, VA. Julie Clarke, head of the Drama Dept., gave him the push to get on stage. Then, at Longwood College, Pam Arkin, a Theatre Dept. chair and acting teacher, encouraged him to major in the subject. Taking her advice, he went on to receive a B.F.A in Theatre Performance. Six months after graduating college, Ransford Doherty packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles, CA. Since his arrival, he's been on a roll. Not only has he guest-starred in several hit shows but has appeared in several national commercials and Print ads. In his spare time, Ransford Doherty, substitute teaches at local elementary schools (K-5th grade) throughout the Los Angeles area. He is currently a series regular on Major Crimes

Adult Ongoing Classes


Adult classes happen Monday-Thursday from 7:30 pm-10:30 pm


$300 a month for Adult Advanced. Full payment due at the first class of each month


Kid and Teen Classes

Adult Classes

Los Angeles based actress, Amy Gumenick, grew up in the competitive dance and theater world, where she discovered her love for performance at a very early age. Though the performing arts were a constant in her upbringing, she formally cultivated her passion for acting at University California, Santa Barbara where she earned a BFA in theater, graduating with honors and distinction. Just weeks after graduating college, Amy landed recurring Television roles on Greek (ABC Family,) Supernatural (The CW) and the title role in Lifetime's Natalee Holloway and has been working in film, television and on stage every since. Most recently Amy has recurred on AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies as American Actress turned spy Philomena, and Super-villain Cupid on The CW's Arrow. She has also starred in How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy and Grimm to name a few.  When not on screen, Amy is an active member in the dance/theater educational community and believes strongly in the healing power of the arts. ​(

Michael Pare

Youth Ongoing Classes

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Michael Kevin Paré was born on October 9, 1958 in Brooklyn, New York. His father died of leukemia when Paré was five, leaving his mother to raise their large family of children. Paré was working as a chef in New York City when an agent, Yvette Bikoff, convinced him to try acting. Paré's first starring role was as Tony Villcana on the television series The Greatest American Hero (1981). His well-known film roles were as Eddie Wilson in Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) and its sequel Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! (1989), as well as Streets of Fire (1984) and The Philadelphia Experiment (1984). Other films include Moon 44 (1990), Village of the Damned (1995), Bad Moon (1996), Hope Floats (1998) and The Virgin Suicides (1999). On television, Paré starred with Michael Beck on the CBS police drama Houston Knights (1987), as well as the short lived science fiction series Starhunter(2000). Currently nominated & starring  alongside Bryan Cranston in The Infiltrator

Class Admission:
To enroll contact or by phone (818) 505-3123. Joshua LeBar Studios reserves the right to accept or deny admission to classes at the studio and does not offer class audits for prospective students.

Class Payments:

All class payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable 2 weeks prior to class start date.  It is the actor’s responsibility to be committed to the class for which they have enrolled to ensure our small class size at the studio.  Any requests to withdraw enrollment need to be made in writing to 2 weeks prior to class start date.

The studio does not pro-rate or refund for any missed classes. Exceptions are made If you have an appointment sheet from your representation or call sheet for a job.

For ongoing courses, payment is due in full upon reservation.  If you are currently enrolled in an ongoing class and want continue registration for the following upcoming session, you must pay in full by the fourth class of your current session to secure your spot.  After the fourth session of each ongoing class, space is made available to those on the waitlist for the next round.

Attendance/Make-Up Policy:

If you will be late or absent from class, it is your responsibility to call or email to notify us in advance.  Professional courtesy is expected.  If you miss a class, you will not be prorated for the missed class.

Make-ups are not guaranteed to be offered.  For ongoing courses, actors are offered to make up one missed class only.  Ongoing make-ups are to be done in another course of the same level. Make-ups are offered as a courtesy of the studio and are not the responsibility of the studio.