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For Kids and Teens

Joshua teaches classes to both kids and teens. His classes have actors from the age range of 10 - 17 in his youth classes. He teaches his youth actors using the same process and format he uses to teach his adult actors. His classes are for young actors who want to approach their auditions like a professional. He requires his actors to prepare their material every class. There are many programs in town where the instructors or coaches are not specific or critical with their young actors. They praise the work, regardless of what the work is. Joshua is not one of these instructors. He comes from a sports background and believes that praise is dependent on the work put in. Joshua is supportive and constructive, but also expects the young actors to apply themselves. All of his teen and youth classes require a commitment from the young actor to be consistent. Changing coaches and processes every few months is a great way to confuse a young actor. True progress is made when it is built month after month with the same process. Young actors have incredible developing minds and the ability to process and store information, maybe even better than adults. This class will challenge young actors to utilize and execute the process every week they are enrolled. Joshua teaches his young actors the difference between genres and how to adjust tone. He gives the students a way to approach the material every time they get an audition, and how to book the job. Every young actor works every class, no exceptions. Once a month the actors will have a taped audition or “producer session” and watch the playback of their performance at the end of class. The youth classes also covers audition and on-set etiquette. Joshua has worked with thousands of young actors and several of his clients are series regulars on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. He works with students just starting their acting journey and actors who have been working for 20 years.

Joshua LeBar Studios



4554 Cartwright Ave

North Hollywood, CA 91602

(818) 505-3123