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The audition process in Hollywood has a very fast turn around time. Actors often receive their auditions with just one day notice. Therefore, actors need a process that will allow them to breakdown the material, make choices, and execute a perfect audition in a short amount of time. I have been on several hundred auditions in film, T.V., and theater.  I communicate from experience what is effective. There is not any one type of "style" or "method" taught here. I use several different approaches to attack the material, and some styles are better suited than others, depending on the project or role. We work on both dissecting the script, and the emotional life of the character. I have worked on one hour dramas, multi camera comedies, and single camera comedies. I will explain the performance differences in genre and tone. In addition, we focus on comedy for Nickelodeon and Disney XD in my youth classes.

We focus here on the path of the artist and the best way to stay on course in this challenging town. There are many uphill battles when approaching the film and television business. I try to offer guidance to actors of all skill levels and age ranges. I have clients who started acting this year, and I also have clients with theater degrees from Yale. I have clients currently working on shows from ages 6-55 years old. I coach to the individual and to where they are in their journey as an actor. Those actors who are consistent will develop a process they can trust for any material they may face. The confidence that comes with the approach is invaluable and proven..

We will also focus on the business and marketing side of the industry, and how to best promote yourself to casting and possible representation. This is an aspect of the business that many of my actors and parents of young actors underestimate. Understanding who you are as an actor and what you in particular are "selling" is a critical part of the process. I have coached hundreds of working actors, but prefer not to use their headshots to advertise for my class. A list of working clients is available on request.

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 Joshua's Philosophy

Joshua has taught at some of the top youth acting schools in Los Angeles.  He has also taught several different youth and teen workshops across the country.  His workshops have taken him to Ohio, Texas, New York, and Illinois.  He has taught many youth classes in L.A, preparing young students with his process of breaking down the material.  Actors are taught to understand both tone and genre. Once a month each young actor is put on tape, so they can watch back their own auditions.   Joshua has several young clients working as series regulars on Nickelodeon and in  prime-time television. Every parent and young actor should realize that nothing is more important than consistency at the start of an actors career. They need  one  proven process that breaks down the material and produces tangible results.  The kids and teen classes provide this.

Adult classes focus on a combination of  audition technique and scene work from current film and T.V. Each student performs every class. One week each month is filmed like an actual audition. The class will also focus on the promotion aspects of the business such as head shots, workshops, and representation. We address the business side of the industry and all marketing aspects for the actor. The advanced adult classes are designed to help actors who may have a strong background in theater and are looking to transition into the world of film and television.  Joshua transitioned from working on Shakespeare's Othello to working on HBO's Entourage for 6 years.  The introductory adult classes are for actors who are just starting their journey.  The fundamentals taught in these classes will prepare the actor for the advanced and master classes.  Joshua will take a one on one meeting with potential new clients to determine what class will be best for them.

 Many of Joshua's clients do not live in L.A. Joshua has been working with adults and young actors via Skype and Face Time for the last five years.  Many of his clients have booked roles from places like Texas, Ohio, and Georgia through working with Joshua in private tutorials online.  Material is sent out from the classes he teaches here in Los Angeles.  He works through the scenes with each actor face to face online. This allows actors all over the U.S  to get top notch training that they would not normally have access to in their hometowns. There are many theater  training options for actors outside of Los Angeles, but most of them do not have access to a coach with as much film and television experience as Joshua.  Skype and Face Time is a way to bridge the distance gap and to get Joshua's process of approaching material to young and adult actors wherever they may be.  






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